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Sep 18, 2015

This Week in Geek LIVE  at the Blue Box Cafe in Elgin, IL September 5, 2015.  Learn more, subscribe, or contact us at  You can write to us at and let us know what you think.  Be sure to rate us and review the episode.  It really helps other people find us.  Thanks!  

Topics covered ~

Trainspotting 2, Krampus, Ready Player One, Black Mirror, Netflix, Ronda Rousey, Road House, Transformers 5, Preacher, Star Wars Episode 8, Jessica Jones, Takashi Miike, Yakuza Apocolypse, X-Files, NYCC, Kong Skull Island, X-Men, Back in Time, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Legends of Tomorrow, I Kill Giants, Zoe Saldana, Navy Seals vs Zombies